Research and Communication


Location TU Darmstadt
Year 2010
Client TU Darmstadt
Partner Fuenfwerken Design AG
Photos Martin Schmitt & Fuenfwerken Design AG
Where other universities flaunt images of professors or university collections, here a ‘modern engineering masterpiece’ (TU Darmstadt) is represented: a seemingly floating concrete slab suspended from the ceiling is the spectacular eye-catcher. It was realised by us for the permanent exhibition on the history and present age of the university.

The concrete display embodies scientific innovation: what looks simple and aesthetic could only arise thanks to ingenuity, technical know-how, and experience in craftsmanship.

The slab is only one of two elements of the exhibition: a panel hangs on the wall behind it, on which the guiding principles of teaching at TU Darmstadt are visualised with chalk. On the concrete slab, 130 years of university history is quickly and intuitively conveyed to current and future students, staff and visitors.