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Climate change, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity are existential threats to humanity. The construction industry causes more than half of the world’s climate-damaging emissions and accounts for a good 35% of global energy consumption. In terms of Germany’s total CO2 emissions, 40% of these are attributable to the construction sector. A turnaround in construction is needed. A turnaround in construction is in full swing. It is being driven forward by committed individuals, initiatives, institutions and innovative start-ups such as climate researcher Hans Schellnhuber with the Bauhaus der Erde, Architects for Future, The New European Bauhaus or Concular, to name just a few.

Following the European Green Deal, with which 27 EU member states are committed to the goal of reducing net emissions of greenhouse gases to zero by 2050 and thus being climate neutral, Martin Schmitt Architektur and rw+ Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH have joined forces to form ARGE2050 in order to actively promote their commitment to sustainable and resource-conserving construction and to manifest it even more strongly in their building practices.  Together with clients who are also committed to this goal, ARGE2050 is planning a residential development in the surroundig area of Berlin under the guiding principle of the New European Bauhaus beautiful I sustainable I together. Thirteen residential buildings for a heterogeneous group of tenants are to be built here. With the project planning, the client and planners will find answers to the question of how communal living and working in the countryside could take place in the future within the framework of an innovative, sustainable and inclusive architecture.