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Martin Schmitt  Architekt
Jeong-Hoon Kim Dipl.-Ing. Architektur, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Innenarchitektur
Heike Dralle Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Innenarchitektur

Lara Wischnewski M.Sc. Architektur

Anna Zocco M.Sc. Architektur

Guglielmo Sandri-Giachino M.Sc. Architektur

Katja Fischer Dipl.-Ing. Architektur
Christoph Weber
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Our office stands for an architecture in which people meet and communicate with each other. We like to work interdisciplinarily. We bring all of the players together. We structure processes. We adhere to budgets and schedules.

Since the establishment in 2003 of Martin Schmitt Architecture / Kommunikation im Raum, the office has worked on projects in the spectrum of architecture, interior design, and corporate design. All three of these areas overlap, repeatedly engage with each other, and are mutually beneficial. They bring together what Martin Schmitt—architect, university lecturer, and trained carpenter—represents: an interest in theoretical contexts, the courage for complexity, technical know-how, and a communicative orientation.


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Martin Schmitt, Architect
Prinzenstr. 84.1
10969 Berlin
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@   info(at)m2sb.de

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Martin Schmitt has been a registered member of the Architektenkammer Berlin (Berlin Chamber of Architects, architects list no. 12762) since June 27, 2008. The occupational title “Architect” was awarded to him in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Martin Schmitt is subject to the following professional regulations:

  • Berliner Architekten- und Baukammergesetz (ABKG, Berlin Chamber of Architects and Construction Law)
  • Satzung der Architektenkammer Berlin (statute of the Berlin Chamber of Architects)
  • Berufsordnung der Architektenkammer Berlin (professional code of conduct of the Berlin Chamber of Architects)

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